Millions of people live in the vast steppes and mountains of Central Asia and Caucasus. There are also millions of people living in the European part of the former Soviet Union. All of them are looking for a purpose in life and their place in the world.

Being familiar with and similar to these people and their cultures, we desired to get involved to help them in their search for answers, to understand the meaning of life for today, from God’s perspective of their eternal destiny.


We are believers, from various different church backgrounds. We as a team desire to be obedient to God’s great commission: To go and make disciples of all nations.

This network of people with a common heart and vision led to the founding of what we call “Mission to the East”.



Mission to the East is pleased to announce that recently we have begun to partner with Interserve International.


Interserve, Mission to the East and our various partners are engaged in holistic (or integrated) ministry, impacting lives and communities across different speres and at multiple levels. We seek to serve in locations and roles where we can make a real difference to those in need. We enjoy proximity, credibility and the opportunity to demonstrate and share the gospel of Christ as we build relationships and serve the local church.


Interserve's vision has not faltered since our beginnings in 1852, which is to transform lives and communities through an encounter with Jesus Christ. Today, Interserve is an interdenominational and truly international community of Christians, bringing God’s love to the peoples of Asia and the Arab World through word and action. Wherever they work, they do so in partnership, serving the global church and encouraging newer mission movements. Increasingly their mission Partners are coming from Latin America and Asia, with new sending partnerships in Africa. Their  mission Partners use their professional skills, including medicine, theological education, teaching or business, to share the love of Christ with the people with whom they live and work. They operate as salt and light in some of the hardest places in the world in obedience to Jesus’ commission to “go and make disciples of all nations”.


We, as Mission to the East, alongside Interserve will be looking to encourage believers in Poland to understand how to be involved in mission through prayer….practically and financially.


Mission to the East and Interserve want to encourage and facilitate churches and individuals to engage in mission. For some, that will mean serving God cross-culturally, or perhaps working in one of our offices. We have well established processes for selecting and preparing people to join us as mission Partners. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring pathways to service with Interserve and Mission to the East.


For more information about Interserve, please look at  www.interserve.org.